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The tragic story of her daughter who died on his instructions phony doctor Dr. Kontos tells her mother in

He’s at the defendant’s residence To sit on November 12 the so-called pseudo-doctor “Dr. Accounts” who emerged as an outstanding oncologist, homeopath, NSA executive, but also… an experienced herbalist who promised to cure cancer patients by persuading them to stop the treatment recommended by their treating physicians.

pseudo doctor He faces 12 cancer deaths and 14 attempted murders while with him Another 16 people will be prosecutedAmong them are doctors, members of the board of directors of a private clinic, a nun, a herbalist, a former minister and a doctor by profession.

According to the case file, The 47-year-old was giving unsuspecting victims his preparations for a financial reward, while he even managed to deceive clinicians and diagnostic centers by pretending to be the distinguished scientist from Switzerland.

The stories of people who have had misfortune on his way are heartbreaking and shocking. crook Taking advantage of the weak mental state of his victims due to the serious health problems they face, he used dozens of tricks in order to constantly extract money from them. spoke with the mother of one of the victims “Dr. Kontos” (details available on the website) who told the tragic story of her daughter who was about to lose her life because of the trust she had in this man.

“Within four months my baby is finished”

The girl, who was battling breast cancer and worked as a kindergarten teacher, died, according to her mother, four months after meeting the pseudo-doctor, at the age of 35.

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«Within four months, my baby ate. She finished it for me, using her faith and love for God. He prevented her from getting chemotherapy and within four months it was over. “Before him, she had a 4.5-year course with the disease and had a good run until she met the man who was recommended to her by her godfather,” describes the happy mother.

He told her that her life was sacred and that if she died, her bones would be sanctified.

Appearing to the woman’s daughter as an oncologist and neurologist, the pseudo-doctor invoked… his deep religious beliefs and immediately began challenging traditional medical methods.

“With whoever he met he started to melt. He rendered all the medical operations he did useless. The mastectomy, the chemotherapy, everything, and he told her oncologists were using them to make money. But we saw things weren’t going well.” He lost a lot of what he was giving them. He injected it into the spine. At the same time my daughter was having hallucinations. They even took advantage of her delusions and told her that she was very religious, that her life was sacred, and that if she died, her bones would be sanctified. “They took advantage of her religious feeling and her fear of chemotherapy,” she explains.

He injected her with cannabis and artemisinin.

As for the lotions that the pseudo-doctor uses for… his treatment, the mother of the girl who died unjustly, She pointed out to that the fraudster gave her daughter an injection containing hashish and artemisinin. (This is a substance that was tested for malaria), which was actually quite expensive.

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“What I will never forgive is that he did not allow her to hold her two children due to her weak immune system. She has faithfully followed him in everything he told her. He gave her cannabis and artemisinin injections which were very expensive. Believing that an ointment from Spain for her body cost 1,500 euros, while the water he told her was from America, with platinum and gold and suitable for treating cancer cells, made 5,000 euros. He claims that he got 35 thousand euros from us, but the truth is that he got more than 60 thousand euros. But I don’t care about money at all. All I care about is paying for the loss of my daughter who left quickly and without rightThe mother of the young victim concludes.

It represents the girl’s family Attorney Mr. Stelios Surlas Who spoke to said: “It is crisis time and the phony doctor will sit on the defendant’s chair to apologize for his actions. The indictment is very heavy. The relatives of the victims, as well as the survivors themselves, are eagerly seeking justice and exemplary punishment. I represent 6 victims, and the charges I seek defense in the charge are 2 murders And 3 attempted murders and cheating..

Message – a catapult for the parents of two children who died following his instructions

But a punch in the stomach is also a text written by the parents of two children, Theodosius and Despina, who died of cancer on the instructions of “Doctor Kontos”.

The phony doctor has been reported Not only to sell false hopes to the children’s parents, but also to “disarm” them after they have fully received jobs and persuade them to give up their treatments Resulting in losing the battle with cancer and leaving life.

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In light of the trial, the two children’s parents wrote a letter that exudes emotion and a powerful message.

the message

News απGreece and the world, as it happened, in

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