Dutch company Foton Energy is developing the world’s largest solar energy storage system in South Australia – Energy Journal

Dutch solar developer, Photon energy, Proposed for South Australia Solar Energy and Storage Project mThe largest in the world, a 300 MW facility with 3.6 GWh of storage, using Australian technology developed RayGen.

Foton said in a statement that it secured 1,200 hectares of land for what it said would be the largest solar and storage project in the world, surpassing the current largest project at the Ouarzazate thermal facility in Morocco.

“We are very excited to develop this innovative, world-class solar energy storage project in South Australia,” he said. Michael Gartner, chief technology officer of Photon Energy and director of its Australian operations.

“The enviable solar resource and the need for energy storage due to the high penetration of renewables in this region is a perfect match for RayGen technology.”

Of course, the Photon project wouldn’t be the largest solar and storage project in the world if the Sun Cable project continued in the Northern Territory. This project foresees up to 20 gigawatts of solar PV and up to 42 gigawatts of storage batteries.

But RayGen’s technology is different, integrating solar energy storage and hydro energy storage, and it’s backed by some prominent energy players, such as AGL Energy, which supports a pilot facility at Cawarp in Victoria and potentially another facility on the Liddell site, the power plant. . The coal plant in New South Wales will soon be closed.

Other sponsors include venture capital branches of the oil giant. Chevron, Schlumberger And Equinor, who participated in a recent funding round, along with Foton, which raised A$55 million (.

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RayGen is currently building a 4MW/50MWh facility at Carwarp, Victoria, with support from Arena, which combines the main characteristics of its technology: mirrors that reflect the sun in solar towers and CSP collectors, and water storage in large pits.

“This project and partnership with Foton Energy Group supports our vision to accelerate the transition to renewable energy,” RayGen CEO said, Richard Payne, to the Australian energy portal Economy renewal.

“RayGen’s naturally synchronous thermal turbines and 24 hour long-life storage could support the South Australian grid and unlock a greater share of renewable energy. We look forward to sharing more information as this project gets underway.”

Photon, who says it is developing the South Australia project, says the total solar generation capacity will be 300 MW, although the grid connection capacity will be 150 MW. (Surplus will be posted on site for storage).

The target total storage capacity is 3.6 gigawatt-hours, which is equivalent to 24 hours of storage. Photon says it is working on network communications and hopes to complete preparatory work by 2023.

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