The guys Pixel 6 came in a damaged box. He can start the party

Google Pixel 6 phones are currently among the most viewed on the Android scene, so we can meet (and not only) on the social network Reddit every day with user experience, which is sometimes thought-provoking. But what happened to one of them is incredible.

The man got a Pixel 6 Pro instead of a Pixel 6. But the reason is unknown

The user asked for a Google Pixel 6, and gave it to him The box came damaged. So he decided to shoot before opening it so he would have a clue if needed. When he opened the box, he found it inside Two smaller boxes – one with the Pixel 6 and one with the Pixel 6 Pro. However, the box that was built for the standard Pixel 6 was torn and lacking the most important thing, the phone itself.

However, there was no reason for the tears, like the Pixel 6 Pro that the user did not ask for at all, It was emptied and the box included everything, including the phone. Instead of leaving the phone and not questioning anything else, the user acted with integrity and contacted support. google browserHe was told that they would deal with his case, but the Pixel 6 Pro could easily be set up and started using it. So obviously he was out of luck, but no one could answer why someone had stolen the standard version of the Pixel 6 and replaced it with a Pro. Whatever the case, this is certainly an isolated case, and nothing similar has happened to us (unfortunately)..

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How do you act in such a situation?

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