New Italian series on Netflix

Netflix has announced the start of filming for ‘Briganti’.

A new historical series with a western crime atmosphere, set in 19th century Italy and focusing on bandits.

As MoviePlayer reports, there are currently 6 episodes planned. The script was signed by GRAMS*, the collective group of five young authors, while the directors will be Steve Saint-Leger, Antonio Le Vos and Nicola Sorcinelli.

Brigante is a modern, epic, and action-packed tale of banditry, the gangs of criminals that have invaded the countryside or the roads. Freely inspired by people who already existed, who have become a symbol of the peasant revolution in post-unity Italy, the novel is a choral narrative of the story of the struggle for the latter’s freedom.

The main characters of the series include Michela de Rossi as Philomena, Ivana Lotito as Cecila, Matilda Lutz as Michelana de Cesar, Marlon Joubert as Giuseppe Schiavone and Orlando Cinque as Pietro. Monaco. Also co-stars: Gianmarco Vittori (Marchetta), Federico Ilabi (Gorillo), Giulio Beranec (Francesco Guerra), and Adriano Chiarameda (Antonio Monaco).

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