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Internet Office: A few days ago, Google introduced features like Emoji Kitchen and auto-listed audiobooks for Android users. It recently announced that it has brought in six more new features. Google claims these will provide more security for Android phones as well as better services for the users. What are the 6 new features Google has introduced so far … let’s see how they work.

Password protection

Sign in with your Google account on Android phones. We will save your Google account login details and password for future reference. Then we use the details through the autofill feature to log into any app or webpage. Sometimes, the account password information may fall into the hands of hackers. Google will introduce a new feature called Password Checkup to check these things. When it logs in with Autofill, it checks your login details anywhere, whether anyone hacked it or not.

If you find that this information has been leaked anywhere, you will see an alert message via the popup. It also prompts you to change your account password. This feature will be available for users of Android 9 and later versions of the operating system. For this feature, go to phone settings and click on System Options. All you have to do is open Languages ​​& Input, go to the advanced option and enable the autofill feature.

Message scheduling

Millions of users around the world use the messaging app. Google offers message scheduling feature which aims to provide them with better services. This feature will be available for users of Android 7 and later OS. Similar to Gmail, you can schedule messages to reach other people at any time. After writing the message, press and hold the “Send” button and you will see the options for “Time and date”. Just schedule the time and date you want to send accordingly.

Talkback screen reader

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Google has introduced a new feature in Android for the blind and partially sighted. The same comment feature. It allows the user to read and hear the Android screen. This allows the user to feel the use of the phone without looking at the screen. Google says this feature gave good results during the testing phase. It works through words and gestures. To use this feature, users need to go to Google Play Store and update their accessibility apps on Android.

More attractive assistant

Major changes have been made to Google Assistant to provide better services than ever before. As part of this, even if the phone is locked, you can complete some tasks with the help of Google Assistant. Things like phone calls, messages, alarms, and music are done with voice commands. In the past, text messages would be written to these people. No need for that anymore. All you have to do is turn on the lock screen and type the required command using the Google command.

Google Maps dark mode

Introducing DarkMode in Google Maps. This feature is made available to all Android users around the world. For this feature, go to Google Maps settings and select “Always In Dark Theme” in the theme.

Android Auto Shortcuts

Changes have been made to Android Auto as well. Offers new custom wallpapers, custom wallpapers and voice activated games. Alongside them are some shortcut features related to weather, Google Maps, and media controls. If you have family and friends traveling with you, Android also gives you a special privacy screen feature to hide from them with just auto unlock. In the future, Android Auto will also be offered for phones running Android version 6.0 OS.

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