A cyber attack has paralyzed a large Swedish supermarket chain. Bloomberg has linked hackers to Russia

“Our resource [программного обеспечения] Suffered a hacker attack, so cash registers in stores do not work. We are sorry and will do our best to open soon.”

Version express He writes that the attack led to the disruption of Coop Sweden stores in the west of the country and in the capital, Stockholm. The company recommended suspending service in all stores on July 3. According to GlobalConnect Technical Director Mikael Westerlund, companies that rely on IT services from subcontractors need to rethink their service mechanisms.

Huntress Labs Inc. reported. For cyber security, the online ransomware attack has affected more than 1,000 companies. Bloomberg.

press secretary Sweden CooperativeTeresa Knapp said in a comment to the agency that more than 800 grocery stores in Sweden had not been able to open their doors. The hackers were members of the Russian group REvil. Last month, the same group accused of launching a cyber attack on The world’s largest meat producer JBS, stated Bloomberg.

The TV channel reported that the Coop Sweden supermarket chain is using Kaseya software and it is supplied by Visma Esscom. SVT… And Ander Howard, president of the Swiss company Kudelski Security, said the attack was one of the most powerful extortion attacks carried out by a non-state actor.


The US and British intelligence services said in a joint report that the Main Directorate of the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Behind the cyber attacks against hundreds of organizations The United States of America and other countries in the world from 2019 to the present.

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In the past few years, hackers operating from or backed by this country have been accused of cyber-attacks on government agencies and large industries in UkraineAnd the United States of AmericaAnd the IrelandAnd the HollandAnd the United kingdom, France, from GermanyAnd the LatviaAnd the Czech RepublicAnd the Poland.

United States of America A new package of sanctions against Russia was introduced in AprilDriven, among other things, by allegations of cyberattacks, and He decided to expel 10 employees from the country Russian Embassy in Washington. According to the White House, there are representatives of the Russian special services among them. On April 16, Russia announced counter-sanctions against the United States.

Kremlin head Dmitry Peskov said that in the event of hacker attacks, many countries “immediately blame the Russian Federation for the installation”, and called on other countries Abandoning “anti-Russian mass psychosis”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that Russia is not on the list of countriesof which the largest number of cyberattacks were carried out.

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