New brands and the return of Dodge: NASCAR chief fuels rumors

( — NASCAR, better known as the Dinosaur Series, will take a revolutionary step with the next generation of cars next season, which may also attract new manufacturers. The new car is noticeably more modern than the current Gen6 series and could also lead to a sporty hybrid in the future. This is exactly what intrigues the new brands and perhaps also Dodge.

NASCAR Phelps chief fuels Dodge rumors


Therefore, NASCAR President Steve Phelps is optimistic about the future of the stock car series in the USA, which is known for its stunning elliptical races. Since 2021, the circuit has also played an increasingly important role in the championship, which is why the next generation car must also represent a significant improvement in this area.

Chevrolet is currently starting with the Camaro, Ford with the Mustang, and Toyota with the Camry at NASCAR House of Lords. According to Phelps, the three manufacturers are “happy” that interest in the NASCAR series is growing and that new programs can emerge. “We’re happy too. There are rumors that Dodge is one of those manufacturers, but I can’t confirm or disagree,” the NASCAR chief fueled speculation.

Dodge returned to the NASCAR series with Ray Evernham in 2001, but pulled the plug again after the 2012 season. The American manufacturer ended its NASCAR program on a high note at the time, with Brad Kiselowski winning the title with Dodge. Since then, there has been frequent speculation about the brand’s comeback. The automaker recently expanded its business into V8 engines and sports car parts.

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Steve Phelps

Steve Phelps wants to attract up to three new manufacturers to NASCAR Zoom

But what makes a next-generation car so attractive to potential newcomers and those returning to the NASCAR Circus? The cost of using the car should be significantly reduced, which makes the program more economical. In addition, the new car is more modern, which makes it more similar to road cars of manufacturers. Moreover, the engine package could revolutionize as early as 2023 – including partial electrics.

NASCAR has set itself big goals and wants to attract two or three new brands to the series. “We don’t hide the fact that we want to see new manufacturers in our sport,” Phelps said. “Because of the pandemic, things have come to a halt a bit. We are an attractive chain for manufacturers who want to take a sport. With the introduction of the next generation car, there is an important opportunity for them.”

Next generation

The new, next-generation car represents the NASCAR revolution Zoom

“But there’s nothing to report yet,” the NASCAR chief said of the conversations that took place in the back rooms of the series. “I would say things are moving forward.” It is not known exactly what brands are interested in joining NASCAR. Honda has always been considered a candidate, but the Japanese have stuck to their IndyCar and sports car programs. The youngest newcomer to the NASCAR series is Toyota: the brand has been around since 2004.

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