Netflix, “Wednesday”: trama e cast

The Wednesday TV series will soon be shown on Netflix and will be directed by Tim Burton, and for the first time will be directing a TV series. The story will focus on the firstborn of the Addams family, Wednesday. Let’s find out the plot and the actors together.

Tim Burton will direct the new TV series A native Netflix Based on Adams family and its title “WednesdayFrom the title it can be guessed that the TV series will focus mainly on the eldest daughter of the family, Wednesday.

This is the first serial project for Tim Burton, who also serves as executive producer, along with Alfred Goff NS thousands of billion, even scriptwriters.

So far, the release day From the TV series on the broadcast platform.

Wednesday: progress in the plot

IM-Tim-Burton-1024 & #215;  683According to previews, the TV series will be set in the present and will be the protagonist Wednesdaythe eldest daughter Adams family, which will narrate the events surrounding her in her sarcastic tone.

there will be The issue to be resolved, and in fact the serial type is yellow, with a hint of the paranormal. Also, thanks to progress, we know that the girl goes to school Nevermore Academy.

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The case that wed should solve one’s concerns strange puzzle Which his parents participated in 25 years ago and a crazy killer Who terrorizes the city, and will do so thanks to his psychic abilities and the help of his schoolmates.

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Gina Ortega Scream 5the hero of the story Wednesday will play it Jenny Ortega, known for starring in You and Jane The Virgin. Moreover, it was recently announced that Luis Guzman He will play the role of father Gomez, but it has been clarified that he will be attending as a guest star.

The rest of the cast will be revealed in the coming months, but we know that the other main characters that will be played are:

  • morticiaWednesday’s mother.
  • Bogsley, son of Gomez and Morticia, brother of Wed;
  • Uncle Pfister, whose relationship with the Adams family was not entirely clear;
  • JaddahGomez’s mother.
  • Lorch, hostess of the Adams House;
  • manu;
  • Cogino et.

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