Netflix users are on the frenzy over the delay of Season 7

Perhaps many have forgotten – except for us Technoandroid – But subscribers to the on-demand broadcast service from Netflix I still look forward to 100 Season 7. Enraged by this delay, they wonder if it new episodes! Let’s find out together when Spread season seven From 100 In the Netflix catalog. Here are all the details known so far.

100 S7: Netflix subscribers are still waiting

This delay does not honor millions Participants They made a stunt 100 in order of TV series Most viewed ever. In fact, so far, after Season 6Nothing is known about The seventh and final season from this address.

The users, the subject of this trick, are clearly not very happy. Just think about it excellent New episodes of 100 S7 Posted since then From October 26 to February 8, 2021. Although new seasons of this TV series usually arrived in Italy about a year after they debuted in the United States, this year for users Netflix everything in it delay.

Why were they mistreated? There is something wrong with the deal between the broadcasting giant and the broadcaster CW? All fans were hoping to be able to attend new episodes of 100 at least By April 2021, with a delay on Premium, no matter how acceptable.

On the contrary, so far nothing, everything is silent, among other things, There are no predictions either About. 100 S7, on Netflix, by end of 2021? It could be more than a reasonable hypothesis, but at the moment we have no information or confirmation on this.

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Rumors about the prequel are still confirmed

Meanwhile, yes Emphasizes Rumors about a box prefix From 100 which, however, compared to what was previously mentioned, would not be titled “anaconda“. Especially CW He let it slip that the series creator and producer is actually Al Action.

Here is a statement Jason Rothenberg just around prefix From 100: “they asked me To develop Prequel and there were many different paths we could follow. At first I wanted set it up on the ship but then I changed my mind because it made more sense to the story we were telling in season seven“.

In short, that’s all we know 100Hopefully, users will soon be too Netflix You will be able to attend Latest Episodes from the series.

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