Elizabeth’s sister claims Andre is “aggressive” and has a “cold heart” if to tell – and Elizabeth agrees.

Elizabeth Bothast Castravit and Andre Castravit celebrated their second wedding in Moldova in Season 5 of TLC 90-day fiancé: happy forever.

But Andre clashes with his in-laws – especially Elizabeth’s sister Jane Davis; Her father, Chuck Potast; And her brother Charlie Potthast – they seemed to gradually get worse.

In TLC Extended Preview for 90 fiancé days Tell-All Part 1, which airs on September 27 at 8 PM EST, Andre confronts Jane, Chuck, and Charlie again via video chat. And the results, as always, weren’t pretty.

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Andrei complained about Elizabeth’s family over Tell-All

The 90 fiancé days Tell-All host, Sean Robinson, asked Andre how he would treat his relatives during their trip to his native Moldova. He was ready with a straightforward answer: “They were questioning everything,” he claimed – from roads and landscapes to food and culture.

However, Elizabeth’s husband said he was ready to get over his troubles with her in-laws. Andrei claimed that he “will not keep a grudge at this point.”

But when Jane, Chuck, and Charlie got into the video chat, they didn’t seem to be sharing Andre’s hope that they’d all let go of the past.

Robinson asked Jane to give her a candid opinion of her sister’s husband. Elizabeth’s sister said of Andre, “I think he’s very aggressive, on one side. I think he’s too cool, for two. I think he doesn’t really care about anyone’s feelings like ours.”

Jane went on to say, in fact, that Andre was “cold hearted”. She insisted that Andre did not like the Elizabeth family or give them a chance.

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Elizabeth agreed to assess her sister for Andre

While Andre chanted in response that Jane’s problems with him were “her own,” his wife does not seem to share this view. In fact, Elizabeth told Robinson that she agrees with Jane’s description of Andre.

He could be aggressive and mean, and there’s no excuse for that. 90 fiancé days The star bluntly said, as Andre’s face darkened.

Elizabeth’s father asked his brother-in-law why he was so angry and why he disagreed with Jane’s assessment of his personality. Andrei explained that he knew he had to work on himself. However, he was not ready to take full responsibility for the problems with his relatives.

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Jean-Andre accused of being uncomfortable because he was “exposed”

Later 90 fiancé days Tell everything, things get really hot between Andre and his in-laws. Elizabeth’s sister has accused Andre of trying to use Chuck for his money.

“You told me you were going to turn my dad around your finger,” said Jane. Andrei denied the allegations of his sister-in-law, but Elizabeth did not appear fully convinced.

Andre argued that Jane simply seemed to “like fights”, accusing her of starting the drama on purpose in order to be a provocateur.

But Elizabeth’s sister was adamant that Andre was just trying to get away from talking about an uncomfortable topic.

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Jane shouted at Andre: “You are feeling upset, revealing yourself, and now getting angry and trying to show your picture to me.”

It’s unclear how the recent feud with Andrei with his in-laws eventually ended 90-day fiancé: happy forever Tell everyone. But it is clear, at the very least, that their persistent troubles are far from over.

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