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New song’s Luca Urbainati, A young singer-songwriter from Rimini stood out for him Rimini Circle A few seasons ago. It now introduces a new song that draws its cues from the digital world, and in particular from the most popular streaming platform at the moment.

Talking about Netflix And her upcoming new single Friday, January 29, 2021 To name Rimini Yourvoice Records.

Personal Biography

Luca Urbenati, born in Rimini in 1994, is a singer-songwriter who has been writing and composing his guitar accompaniment for the past 10 years.

On Christmas 2018, the song “A vegan Christmas” was released which became popular on Facebook: 250,000 views in a few days.

In June of the following year he published “Le rotonde di Rimini”, a cute summer slogan that instantly engages most of the townspeople, so much so that a few days after the publication, with around 50,000 views of Rimini on YouTube, he is called to sing At Molo Street Parade, an event that brings together many tourists every year rather than in Rimini’s port. At 10 pm, all boats played his song while he sang in the central boat, with an estimated 200,000 people in attendance at the event.

The song was then shown on various occasions, played in chiringuiti, in publiphono and finally also on radio as it entered the ranking amongst budding Italians. This made it possible to end the summer with 150,000 plays online.

In 2019, he published the song “A-Mare” with about 20 artists from Rimini. It’s an “environmental” song about the plastic problem at sea and the sheer importance of changing habits that could kill the planet.

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