Netflix, tests on the first mobile games have begun

broadcast service Netflix He announced some time ago that he wanted to enter the world of video games, and now First tests with mobile games. At the moment, the new gaming service of the platform is being tested only for Polish subscribers who have two video games: Stranger Things 1984 E Stranger Things 3.

Polish Netflix users accessing the Service through Android They will find links to the two games inside the app. These links redirect users to the Google Play Store where they canDownload two Stranger Things games at no additional cost. Netflix has specified that titles for its upcoming game service will have no ads and in-app purchases, and they will all be included in the platform’s subscription plan.

Since these are still preliminary tests, it is unlikely that we will see this new service active in the near future, but it is possible that Test phase It could also open to other geographies in the near future. In the past, Netflix has also shared on Twitter some screenshots of the performance of integrating video games into its service, which can be seen below after this paragraph. Some rumors are reported, as well as games Weird things Related titles should also arrive BandersnatchAn interactive episode of the famous miserable series black mirror.

Waiting for new updates, we remind you of this Netflix has appointed Mike Ferro as Vice President of Game Development for the companyA former employee of EA and Facebook. Veru was acquired in the company’s ranks shortly before the new plan for its inclusion in video game development was announced. As we try to understand how valid this new role is for Netflix, we remember that the second season of The Witcher will soon be released on the platform, a series inspired by Henry Cavill from Polish studio video game CD Projekt Red and more generally by the writer’s original literary saga. Sapkowski. This test in Poland indicates an imminent collaboration with CD Projekt also on the video game front?

The official Stranger Things book is available on Amazon by clicking this link.

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