Netflix Squid Series, Risks to Children and Parental Responsibilities

Next scheduled October 27 at 1.30 pm, direct from Corecom Facebook page, which is a general meeting dedicated tosquid Game“, The controversial Netflix series that stirs public opinion.

The cult series of the moment comes from South Korea, everyone is talking about it, and many are watching it. Squid game has amazing numbers and attracts both adults and kids with its fun mechanism; However, the theme of the game in the narrative is according to some Unlocking mysterious relational dynamics Which would lead many young people, especially children, to emulate the violent behavior of the series’ protagonists.

Teachers, parents, associations and part of civil society He is biased towards the contents of the series, which are considered violent and harmful to minors. But is it really so? How right is it to criminalize a fictional novel and how appropriate to talk about it? The fragility of parents in terms of educational supervision?

“Although Netflix Not recommended for audiences under the age of 14Me, kids look at it anyway. because? – asks Corecom president, Mariana Sala -. Institutions, the association world, law enforcement agencies, the media, educators and teen professionals can support families in choosing what’s right to offer and what’s to stop their children – he continues – that’s why it’s good to talk about it as often as possible, and in this sense, Project Corecom assumes “one chain a month” value It is more educational and becomes a guiding tool for families.”

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They will be present: Ivano Zubi, president of the Carolina Foundation, a non-profit organization that launched a petition on a few days ago to demand that the chain be closed; Alberto belaya psychotherapist and expert in adolescent dynamics; Stefania Garcini, president of Aiart Milano and managing editor of Orientaserie. Corecom President Lombardia presents and moderates the discussion, marianna Living room.

Wednesday October 27 at 1.30pm Squid special, live from Corecom’s Facebook page this link.

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