Netflix reveals when the League of Legends series will be released

Netflix It was announced in the last few hours that it was the first ever branded TV show Riot games Located in a realm League of Legends, Or mysterious, On the popular broadcast platform inFall 2021. The production of the project was originally disclosed atOctober 2019 During celebrations 10th anniversary In League of Legends.

Arcane was originally supposed to launch last year, but its launch was suddenly delayed due to complications due to The COVID-19 pandemic, As he explained Gregg Ghost Crawler Street In Riot Games:

Creative development and production is challenging, especially in a world where you cannot see your peers in real life. We now have video meetings that help, but it just can’t replace being in a room where we can really stream our creative energy. Combine these issues with the product’s technical difficulties, and you’ll understand the reason for the delay.

The official announcement came via Netflix’s official social channels, as you can see in the tweet below:

The world of LEAGUE OF LEGENDS is about to conquer Netflix, ARCANE arrives next fall.

Located in utopia Beltover And downstairs from ZawnThe story traces the origins of the sisters we e JinxBoth are featured in this new trailer. Other than that, as is currently the case, not much is known about the series or its plot. From some of the confirmed news that we have at the moment, we know that the French studio will be interested in animation Fortiche production.

The short official summary, released in conjunction with the release of the launch trailer, is as follows:

Every myth has a beginning. From the creators of League of Legends comes a new animated series about the origins of two famous League champions and the power that will destroy them.

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