Netflix, Nicolas Cage hero of “The History of Bad Words”

The revered docu series about dirty words first appeared on Netflix. Nicolas Cage is the protagonist in this six-episode mini-series, one for every dirty word, in which experts, linguists, comedians and actors intervene. The criticism is divided: those who love it, those who hate them.

The history of swearing words, Or “The History of Bad Words” is the new Docu string From Netflix With protagonist A. Nicolas Cage Too much over the top.

Six episodes permanent Twenty minutesThat they interfere with Linguists And experts in the field of swearingTo explain its origin and uses. Nicolas Cage’s presence is unique, fully dressed in a studio fit for everyone AmazingShow the different tones of the profane words.

The Cash Divided: There are those who consider the countless winning arrow from the bow NetflixWhile some others Despise And they accuse her of exaggeration Vulgarity. Almost everyone agrees Ingenious interpretation American actor.

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Bad Words History: What Exactly Is It?

Swear by 0108

The Series It tries to find the origin of many of the bad words used today A common language.

to me LinguisticsThe system that deals with the study of language and its components Formalism e GrammarIt is never easy to find the roots of a word or aphorism, especially if it is an essential part of the language slang There is no way to extract data from it Written sources.

In this series we try to give one Genealogy In words like “F ** k”, “Damn” and many other words, it turns out that many of these were not born as bad words, but they have changed indication The original after certain events.

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Almost in Two hours Overall, many words that are mentioned but not as accurately explained as many other words that have just been spelled out. Fear of Sights loadedOr worse than Pester himHas been greatly undermined Movie screenplay Who can stand with difficulty.

Input Nicolas Cage It was crucial, and definitely preserved the final score for the short series. The history of swearing wordsIt remains a great hobby, especially in the empty moments and when you don’t have much time.

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