Netflix, Neil Patrick Harris will star in Uncoupled

Netflix, the former translator for Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother, has landed the lead role in the comedy series Uncoupled.

Netflix and Neil Patrick Harris star in comedy series Uncoupled (Getty Images)

Neil Patrick Harris will star in the upcoming sitcom on the streaming platform created by Darren Star, Uncoupled. Former translator of How do I meet your mother Coming back to the small screen with a new comic called Uncoupled, the new sitcom will be in the streaming platform’s next catalog.

Creator Darren Starr has also served as executive producer for Younger and Emily in Paris, and will collaborate with Modern Family’s Jeffrey Richman to film the Uncoupled series.

Neil Patrick Harris will be the executive producer of the series on the broadcast platform, and filming will begin in black in New York at the end of 2021, and it will focus on the protagonist Michael, played by Neil Patrick Harris, who is believed to have an ideal life.

At some point her husband will leave her at the age of 17, and the man will have to face one of his worst nightmares, losing his soul mate and finding himself single and gay at the age of 40 in New York City.

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Netflix, former translator of Barney Stinson, will be the star of the comedy series Uncoupled

Actor Neil Patrick Harris has won 5 Emmys and Tony Awards, and he will also co-star in the fourth chapter of The Matrix, which will be released in December, while in 2022 the movie The Unbereable Weight of Massive Talent will do. He stars alongside Nicolas Cage and Pedro Pascal.

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The actor is best remembered for his famous interpretation of Barney Stinson in the comedy series How I Met Your Mother, among his most recent works are “Eden” and “It’s a Sin”.

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With the series Uncoupled he will sign his return to the streaming platform, in addition there is also the interpretation of Count Olaf in the new adaptation of the title “A Series of Unfortunate Events”, it seems that the next year is full of obligations for the actor, who decided after “How I Met Your Mother” to take a break from the small screen To be able to clear his mind about his current and future career.

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