Netflix launches Geeked Week: What is it?

Netflix is ​​always looking for new stimuli for its subscribers, so as not to make them feel quite like robots choosing a DVD in a digital movie. Geeked Week is coming, the week that will allow fans of many TV series to interact, discover and rediscover news and discoveries about many titles on Netflix. Let’s find out what it is.

Netflix It’s not just a single app or app a program which can be downloaded and viewed TV series and movies e documentaries, But something bigger and more complex.

The Year Today’s Specialty Test kindness With the TV series he adores, he often feels his feelings nostalgia The end of series It’s almost sad when I character dies or get sick.

Netflix He is fully aware of the power of this modern cinematography, as well as in its presentation Broadcast experience Always less trivial And distinguish it from major competitors, launched geek weekAnd the From 7 to 11 June.

Let’s find out what it is.

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Geeks Week: How does it work?

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By calling for free, From 5:30 pm every day on an international channel netflix, Give Facebook social networking site a tik tok, you can learn Ads On the many upcoming and original titles I’ve launched أطلقت Netflix.

Next to the Ansar Rahul Kohli e Mari Takahashi Several actors associated with the series that will be talked about such as:

  • hypnotic
  • Umbrella Academy
  • the magician;
  • Gunpowder Milkshake
  • Cuphead series!
  • mysterious.
  • The devil;
  • Fear Street Trilogy.
  • Kate.
  • Castlevania.
  • Masters of the Universe: Revelation;
  • paper house
  • vampire;
  • cowboy bebop;
  • Cobra Kai
  • Godzilla – point of exclusivity;
  • sweet tooth;
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these TV series e Movie They are among the most likable and expected but they share a point that doesn’t escape many: The nerd universe! Netflix is ​​trying to woo itself with certain customers, according to rumors that they’ll see it ready to land even online gaming platform, It does nothing but confirm this thesis!

In the meantime, try to contact geek week To see your favorites talk about the TV series you love!

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