Netflix launches downloads for you to automatically download new content for offline enjoyment

Lorenzo Daily

It’s been a while since then Netflix It allows you to download almost all the contents of the catalog locally for viewing even when there is no internet connection. The job is for obvious reasons Limited to mobile devicesAnd, mobile devices are now gaining yet another download-based functionality.

The function in question is called Download for youBasically, you are free to download the content to your mobile device even without direct user action. The download is clearly dependent on the user’s tastes, and it always works to provide some content for you to enjoy even in moments, perhaps unexpected, as your stable connection gets disconnected.

You just need to go to the “Download” tab to be greeted Download for you. You can specify a memory limit to be used by automatic Netflix downloads, so that you don’t set aside too much (or too little) space for any movies or TV series to download. If there is a TV series, Netflix will “only” download a few episodes. Obviously, everything will happen when you are under Wi-Fi, so as not to consume mobile data.

Across: TechCrunch

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