Netflix is ​​finally available on the Amazon Echo Show, too

After a few months Google has already embraced it this summer Netflix On Nest Hub devices, Amazon has also announced full support for the video content streaming platform Amazon Eco Show.

Thus, the Netflix streaming content platform joins many of the streaming services already available on the smart devices of the Seattle giant Amazon. Let’s find out more details together.

Netflix is ​​now also available on the Amazon Echo Show

Users can search, start, stop and browse the entire catalog of Netflix movies, TV series, and documentaries directly from supported Amazon Echo Show devices, even with audio. In this sense, integration allows, for example, the use of the keyword “Alexa, mostrami i horror movie su Netflix“or”Alexa, find comics on NetflixAnd start watching movies without holding your finger.

Added to this is a series of Special features designed to improve the user experience when watching videosLike adding a new home page that contains personalized recommendations about upcoming video content to watch.

Amazon leader Heather Zorn He stated:Clients tell us they love the convenience of Alexa and the ability to use their voices to browse and control the content they watch on Echo Show and Fire TV. We are delighted to add Netflix to our list of content platforms on Echo Show thus providing Alexa convenience to more Netflix subscribers.“.

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