Annual Review: 2020 Crisis Review: This happened in January in the Neuburg region

A woman from Newburgh participated in the TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? At the same time, the region called a famous actor and a respected businessman. What else was on our minds in January 2020?

At the turn of the year, editor Newburger Rundschau Back: What happened in 2020? What did we think about in the year of the epidemic? From our sadness, from our thanks, what kept us busy? This is the first part of our review, January:

Annual Review 2020 in the Neuburg region: That was the topic in January of the year of the crisis

  • watch the T.V Rarely is a candidate more curious than he is presented Diana Strasbourg In the competition program “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” She said the 42-year-old from Newburgh wanted to buy a butt shower with a win. Soon it became clear: She can now easily stand it. Because she made it Gunter Gauch On the board chair and won 32,000 euros.
  • accident In mid-January he spoke in Schrobenhausen Two fatal accidents are related to each other. Initially, a 21-year-old pregnant woman had an accident BottomsJust half an hour later, at about the same place, from her boyfriend Schrobenhausen. He proceeded to find it. Be automatic The accident caught fire. Just because rescue workers in the immediate vicinity can prevent the worst.

He was a priest of Saint Peter in Newburgh: the new Bishop of Augsburg Bertram Mayer.

Photo: Martina Demand (Archive)

  • Farewell – parting The well-known actor from Dahoam is dahoam has “an unrecognized pre-existing disease”, it is said from the family circle Ferdinand Schmidt Modrow Died. He is 34 years old Widhoven To grow. Among other things, his fellow actors also mourned Winfred Fry To a friend.
  • Retail trade “Would you like a receipt?” – “no thanks”. This or something similar has been happening in retail business since the start of the year. At the start of the year, salespeople are required to hand out a receipt to each customer – regardless of the amount. Balance after two weeks: Nothing but a lot of garbage.
  • tradition In winter 51 swimming in Danube At the end of January, 104 men and women without a suit had entered the country Danube He jumped – more than ever. Meanwhile, in 1837 Danube swimmers were forced to stay in three degrees of cold water for about an hour.

Fashion Store in Newburgh: Luitbold Bollinger dies on January 25 at the age of 91

  • Farewell – parting Whitebold Bollinger He passed away on January 25 at the age of 91. Under his leadership, the imposing construction of the Fashion House was built Muenchner Straße. But he was more than just a businessman. As for the civil bloc, he sat under the then mayor Theo Lauber For example twelve years in city council.
  • a church It was his last visit less than a year ago. In mid-February 2019, the dean of the cathedral was Bishop Bertram Mayer On a two-day visit to the parish community in Newburgh. It was a meeting between friends, they said. Because the new bishop Augsburg I love coming to the region, especially Newburgh. Because one of the positions is a chaplain Bertram Mayer there was Saint Peter. Like the parish priest of Neuburg Herbert Kohler He said the current bishop did not let the connection here break.
  • Local elections The excitement in Neuburger CSU. After a local event in Bergen, the list of candidates Robert Hochel They described Newburgh as a “regional hole” in which “35,000 heads of gas” lived. A woman refers this to the CSU office. The accident is still in Campaign Stick to the party.
  • Corona Virus At the end of January, Dr. Johannes Donhauser, Head of the Department of Health in Newburgh, who deals with Corona Virus To serenity – and to the recommended hygiene measures. It carries the SARS virus that spread in 2003 and is 774 globally Death cases They were considered more dangerous at this point. The situation is noted, but the panic is ineffective. Of course, he adds, the question that arises is whether the numbers are off China agreed. The Corona Virus He’s likely keeping the audience in check for some time – which should prove him right.

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