Netflix is ​​considering “N-Plus,” which is a social platform for series and TV shows

Netflix 2021 It hasn’t started making a fuss and the company is always looking for new ways to improve its audience engagement and attract new audiences. One of the solutions that Netflix is ​​looking at – according to what emerges from a report by the protocol – is to create aAn online space where you can learn more about the most popular Netflix shows and everything related to them“.

The likelihood appeared in a recent survey that the platform shared with its users, and in addition to this description, its potential name was also spotted: N-Plus. According to what has been learned, N-Plus could be a new social platform with a very vertical focus on Netflix productions. This concept is somewhat reminiscent of another social network Focus on the music; Does anyone remember ping?

It’s clear that it’s still too early to talk about the potential success or failure of the N-Plus, also because we don’t know what all of its characteristics are. Some of them were suggested to us by the same survey, which indicates accessibility User-created video content playlists and viewing of podcastsAll items can be freely created and shared within N-Plus.

In short, the purpose seems precisely to allow the most active part of the community to have a meeting point where they can talk about their favorite content, in order to increase the participation of other users thanks to playlists and other dedicated tools. Of course, since this is the hypothesis suggested in the survey, it is not known if and when Netflix will implement this project; We just have to wait for more details.

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