Netflix: Here’s the trailer for the new series Inventing Anna, arriving on February 11

Netflix: Here's the trailer for the new series Inventing Anna, arriving on February 11

produced ShondalandThe creators of the hit series scandal e BridgetonAnd Anna’s creation It’s a new series coming to Netflix next February 11It is divided into 10 episodes lasting about an hour.

Anna’s creationInspired by a true story, it boasts a top-tier crew: our Anna Klumsky (Cum – Incompetent cum) in the role of journalist Vivian, Julia Garner (OzarkAnd Dirty John) in that Anna Delphi, who gave the series its name, while Katie Louise (scandal) Are Rachel, followers of Anna willing to do anything; Laverne Cox (Orange is the new blackHe plays Kacy Duke, a celebrity manager and life coach who got caught up in Anna’s whirlwind, for example Alexis Floyd (the bold type) is Nev, an aspiring director.

This is a summary of Anna’s creation:

The story of Anna’s innovation is the story of Vivian, a journalist investigating the case of Anna Delphi, the legendary German heiress to Instagram who, in addition to stealing the hearts of the heroes of the New York social scene, also steals their money. Is Anna the biggest con artist in New York or is she just a new image of the American dream? Awaiting his trial, the heir forms a dark and amusing love-hate bond with Vivian, who defies time to solve the biggest mystery that has plagued New York: who is Anna Delphi really? The series was inspired by an article by Jessica Pressler, also the show’s producer, How Anna Delphi deceived New York Party members, published in New York Magazine.

Netflix has also released the first trailer for the series, which we leave you below.

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