Netflix has launched a website showing the top 10 sites in every country in the world

A landing page where the top 10 broken down by each country where the service is available can be shown. Here is the new Netflix website, launched yesterday to monitor the progress of TV series by country and understand the phenomena of the moment between local and global successes.

Top 10 Netflix

Netflix Ready to open a completely new site, dedicated exclusively to rating films and TV series, as well as documentaries, existing on the platform. Ranking that will be constantly updated e broken down by country Where the service is available, showing what it is Most Popular Content And those who have managed to play a role of paramount importance by becoming a global phenomenon. The ranking will be updated week by week, globally and individual countries.

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Monday through Sunday: Here are the top 10 from Netflix broken down by country

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Top 10 Netflix: This is the site that highlights the most popular TV series and movies

The day the ranking will be updated is Tuesday, it will depend on the total hours play the stream Monday through Sunday of the previous week. In short, clear and consistent statements of what the service phenomena are. Unlike in the past, when the audience was calculated based on the number of accounts that viewed individual content, today’s figure will be based on total operating hours, which makes the ranking, in our opinion, more honest and accurate.

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Top 10 divided by country that will provide thought-provoking food for the masses, but also for professionals who study the most popular streams and contents of the streaming platform. What are the most famous titles in the English language? What is the most famous documentary? The most watched movie in France? There is something to suit all tastes and satisfies all curiosities. Moreover, it will also be possible to download documents in .tsv or Excel format, with data grouped by country.

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