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What is popular at the moment Netflix In Italy and in the world? In this weekly special you will find all the answers to your questions. Unfortunately, ratings for the most popular titles from other streaming platforms such as Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video cannot be reported correctly, since the “Most Popular TV Series” or “Titles of the Moment” section varies from profile to profile, also according to your own preferences . The elite triumphs on the Italian podium and beyond…

This is a week elite Without a lot of surprises, the fourth season of the Spanish show without much effort topped the most-watched weekend titles on Netflix in Italy. But the title broke into the ratings this week with short stories dedicated to some of the elite’s most famous personalities. But let’s see site by site, what Italians watch the most on Netflix. He fights in second place المركز lupineWhich last week occupied our country and a large part of the world with the second part of the first season. 3rd place for Netflix original feature film, FatherWith Kevin Hart and Alfre Woodard. The story tells of a new widowed father who faces doubts, fears, disappointments and dirty diapers in an attempt to raise his daughter on his own. The movie is based on a true story. In fourth place we find the short stories of elite dedicate a Carla e Samuel, in fifth place The devil And in sixth place Ragnarok recordJapanese TV series. Seventh place for boiler, the Scandinavian television series that chronicles the catastrophic eruption of the subglacial Katla volcano that changes the lives of a nearby community as puzzles begin to emerge from the ice. Eighth place for sweet tooth, when closed the summer e Dragon of DesiresChinese Family film directed by Chris Abelhans.

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In the United States hegemony Shows, the NBC series that was canceled just a few days later after three seasons.

  1. elite
  2. lupine
  3. Father
  4. Elite – Carla Samuel
  5. The devil
  6. Ragnarok record
  7. boiler
  8. sweet tooth
  9. the summer
  10. Dragon of Desires

Here are the top 10 most watched titles right now in the US

  1. Shows
  2. Dragon of Desires
  3. sweet tooth
  4. working mothers
  5. cocumillon
  6. lupine
  7. black summer
  8. The devil
  9. Ragnarok record
  10. The best in Los Angeles

Here are the top 10 most popular movies all over the world su Netflix:

Here are the top 10 most popular TV series all over the world su Netflix:

Last week: Netflix: Lupine conquers Italy and a large part of the world, in the US it is clear that it conquers the top

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