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A violent storm caused severe damage in the Karlsruhe and Pforzheim regions on Saturday night. The A8 motorway near Karlsbad was flooded and closed until morning.

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Firefighters from the Fire Brigade, Technical Assistance Organization (THW) and the Highway Maintenance Service pumped water from the road and removed debris. The 200-meter highway was flooded during the night.

A rubber boat fire brigade

According to the police, 17 vehicles, including a truck and a truck, got stuck in the water up to one meter high after the flood. Nine tow trucks were used to rescue damaged cars from entering the water. The fire brigade, among other things, rescued inmates from their cars using a rubber dinghy. Nobody gets hurt. According to police, property damage is likely to be in the upper five digits.

After cleaning work, the motorway at the Karlsbad junction was not clear for traffic again in both directions until about 10:30 AM. Long traffic jams formed on the diversion roads, including on the B10.

Many missions around Pforzheim and Karlsruhe

The storm caused damage mainly in the southern Karlsruhe region and in Pforzheim and Inskreis. There, too, the streets were flooded. Firefighters had to go outside again and again because of the filled basements and fallen trees that blocked the walkways. A blazing tree was extinguished by a bolt of lightning. In many communities as well as in the Karlsruhe city area, the power was sometimes cut off. The Integrated Control Center in Karlsruhe alone received more than 250 emergency calls.

There is still a high risk of thunderstorms in the country

Thunderstorm risks in the Southwest are expected to continue to increase over the weekend. According to the German Weather Service (DWD), there were only a few thunderstorms on Saturday. However, with heavy rain and hail, it can be really windy. On Sunday night there will be more thunderstorms. In a short time, up to 40 liters of precipitation can fall per square meter, it was said. Larger hail and heavy storms are also possible. Until Sunday, especially in the afternoon and evening, there should be thunderstorms with heavy rain, according to the Department of Social Development.

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