Netflix: Coming in August Once Upon a Time in…Hollywood

After an advertisement on their social pages, Netflix The movie is expected to hit the stage in August Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood. latest effort Quentin Tarantino It will be published to all users Netflix Start early next month. The film, starring an exceptional cast, tells the story of an actor and a lesbian who make their way through Hollywood in the late 1960s in search of new success. Tarantino concludes his film with this film The Historical Revision Trilogy, started with Inglourious Basterds NS Unlock Django.

A plot once upon a time in … Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood is a movie about Quentin Tarantino 2019. They are part of the cast Leonardo DiCaprioAnd Brad Pitt, Emile Hirsch NS Margot Robbie.

Rick Dalton is an actor who, after enjoying little success in the 1950s, failed to make a quantum leap. Moving to Hollywood with his inseparable double friend Cliff Booth, together they will try to seize the opportunities that were offered by cinema in those years. The right opportunity appears to come with the arrival of the Polanski couple as neighbors. Rick would like director Roman Polanski’s blessing so he can finally find success, but things will change when young Charles Manson orders a massacre.

Once Upon a Time… Hollywood when it appears on Netflix

It won’t be long to wait for you to watch Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood it’s a Netflix. It is already scheduled to be distributed on the streaming platform on August 1. A great gift for fans of this genre, especially for fans of the director Quentin Tarantino. This is the second collaboration between Tarantino and DiCaprio, after Django Unchained. Both DiCaprio and Brad Pitt, in order to participate in the film, they decided to reduce their participation. We’re also talking about the movie that allowed Brad Pitt to win an awardOscar for Best Supporting Actor.

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