Netflix, “Behind His Eyes”: Plot, Cast, and Trailer

Coming to Netflix, a new short series based on the best seller of the same name: Behind His Eyes; A very thorny plot with a stunning ending, the only rumors revealed by Netflix with the release of the trailer. The mini series will be available starting February 17th.

taken fromA novel with the same name Best sellingBehind her eyes“, this is Series Coming Netflix It became popular among the most anticipated titles.

Next outside February 17 In the Italian catalog, this series is a Adaptation From a novel he wrote Sarah Bainborough; Production and text Steve Lightfoot, Director and author of the seriesThe Punisher, In partnership with Angela Lamana.

this is Psychological excitement Ready to break into the many titles that Netflix has in store Loyal subscribers.

Plot, trailer and cast “Behind His Eyes”

Behind her eyes - Ibri 697

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Production is managed by Prof. Film Company Already known for successthe crown“We’re talking about Left bank photos, Which is based in London.

The plot will neither be frivolous nor particularly smooth, and the narration will be swift but the viewer won’t struggle Stay alert Thanks to “The hypeWhich would be very static.

composed by Six episodes, The mini-series is classified as a thriller, or rather, A. Psychological excitement Who will witness the protagonist Louise (Simona BrownShe is bored with her life as a single mom looking for stimulation.

Come to life Louise Disturbance When she began a love affair with her employer, psychiatrist David (Tom Bateman); For a series of ups and downs and coincidences, Louise will make friends with the wife of her lover Adele (Yves Hewson), And getting involved in one A network of lies and fiction.

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When it is too late to get out, the protagonist will be aware of this mystery The life of a seemingly ideal couple is full of Shocking secrets H violent.

There is only a few days left for the new miniseries release, and it’s ready for a Successful best seller of the same name For 2017, which soon became International success.

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