Brexit: Farewell to the EU’s 81,000 UK Registered?

Despite numerous levels of warning and notification, according to a report by The Register, more than 81,000 .eu domain owners from the UK did not pay attention to their domain in time – resulting in it being currently frozen and temporarily unavailable (status “pending”).

In the first half of 2020, the registry responsible for .eu domain registrations, the Belgian company EURid, presented a Brexit schedule that was repeatedly reviewed for these domains. However, this has been temporarily suspended due to the sometimes chaotic negotiations.

The Another Brexit note from EURid Starting in November 2020, the conditions under which British or British institutions and companies may continue operating their .eu domains after the Brexit transition period ends: thus compliance with the EU legal framework is if it is a ‘institution legally established in one of the member states’ Qualified person in the European Union to its place of residence or update it to a member state of the Union or prove its nationality to a member state of the Union regardless of its place of residence. ” Eu domain name is no longer allowed for all other people and organizations.

Originally 300,000 affected 81,000 left You now have three months to submit the required evidence and thus reactivate your domain. On April 1st, EURid will inform the rest of the UK registrants and their registrars via email that their domain name is no longer in line with the .eu regulatory framework and that it will be placed in the so-called “WITHDRAWN” status. This domain name is not in the zone file and cannot support any service. Effective January 1, 2022, all domains designated for British registrants in this status will be reassigned to “available” and issued for public registration.

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