Netflix and three new programs to combat racism

Collaboration between broadcast platform and historian X.Kind conclusion

Netflix More cooperation with Ibram X.

Kendi, one of America’s foremost historians and pre-eminent anti-racism scholar, has created three new projects drawn from his award-winning best-selling book: Sealed from the Beginning: The Final History of Racial Ideas in AmericaAnd the Sealed: Racism, Anti-Racism and You e Anti-racism children. Netflix has decided to develop the three scripts in different formats and genres in order to provide a comprehensive and necessary examination of racism for audiences of all ages.

Sealed from the beginning It will be a combination documentary and feature film written based on Kennedy’s National Book Award winning book Sealed From the Beginning: The Ultimate History of Racial Ideas. It will be directed and produced by the Academy Awards and Emmy Awards Present Ross Williams. It will be the story of how some Americans today so firmly hold to the false myth that we live in a post-race society and that the election of the first black president eliminated racism. In fact, racial thinking lives and thrives in America, and it is more complex and subtle than ever before. As award-winning history professor Abram X Kennedy argues in “Sealed from the Beginning”, if we are to confront reality, it is necessary first to understand how racist ideas developed, spread and crystallized in American society.

Sealed: Racism, Anti-Racism and You It will be a complementary documentary to Sealed from the beginning Dedicated to the younger audience and is taken from the bestseller of the same name by Kendi and Jason Reynolds at the top of the list The New York Times For boys. Roger Ross Williams directed and produced. The concept of race has long been used to obtain and maintain power, as well as to create dynamics that marginalize and silence. The documentary aims to uncover the history of racist ideas in America, and instill hope for an anti-racist future. Sealed: Racism, Anti-Racism and You It aims to take a small audience on a journey of discovery, analyzing the pathway, the emotions they feel, and why the poisons of racism persist.

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Anti-racism children It would be instead A series of preschooler musical animations based on Kendi’s bestselling books for children of the same name. Childhood songs leave an indelible mark in our memory. Anti-racism children He wants to harness the power of memorable songs to provide children and guardians with simple tools to eradicate racism within us and in the society in which we live.


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