Netflix and Arcane’s Planetary Success: Here Are 3 Popular TV Series Based on Video Games

The world of video games in recent times has often been in touch with the world of TV series. In fact, there are many titles that refer to some of the most famous video games in history. We can admire a recent example thanks to Arcane, the instant-on-universe TV series of one of the most popular must-dos of recent years, League of Legends.

The TV series Arcane and the reasons for its great success

Since the trailer’s release, there has been every reason to believe that Arcane will become a The phenomenon of global success: feeling then embodied in reality. The reasons are easy to understand, even if they go beyond the graphics sector, the end result of the excellent work done by Riot Games and Fortiche Production. The fact that the title is inspired by a game as indispensable as League of Legends will be enough to explain its huge success numbers: first of all, the producer manages to add a link between the various characters that did not find space in the game; Second, the series follows the narrative world of League of Legends and Runeterra, adding other useful elements to indirectly improving the video game.

Compared to other experiments of this kind, Arcane had the advantage of changing course while remaining loyal to the video game in its own way: perhaps one of the reasons that led to production Already present season 2. In fact, the League of Legends fan base had the opportunity to enjoy a new title but at the same time related to the video game. Therefore, all the passion for the game can be poured into the TV series, and vice versa, creating a kind of multiverse or episodic multimedia. Then there’s an element that shouldn’t be underestimated: Beyond League of Legends, Arcane is a great series even if you don’t know what video game it’s coming from, and it’s for anyone who loves products like Game of Thrones. It is clear that such success could pave the way for other TV series based on video games, and hopefully they will get the same result.

Another TV series inspired by video games

There is, of course, another video game-inspired series, and a hit series. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it, although sometimes these products may not be available due to regional bans imposed by streaming platforms such as Netflix. In this case, you can use a virtual private network: there are many files Among the most reviewed is Nord VPNIt can be used on both fixed and mobile devices. The latter will allow you to bypass the various blocks and enjoy the catalogs without restrictions, regardless of your location in the world. Here are the best titles to watch based on video games.

Castelvania is definitely one of the most successful video game-inspired TV series of recent years. The plot is very similar to that of the video game: monster hunter Belmont must actually defend Wallachia from Dracula and his dark forces.

And then it becomes impossible not to mention The Witcher, one of the most successful Netflix series, which in turn was inspired by the popular 2007 video game CD Projeckt Red. The TV series is visible on Netflix and was recently published which is long overdue the second season. In the cast, it is worth noting the presence of Henry Cavill, who is already known for playing Superman.

It concludes with Resident Evil Infinite Darkness, an animated series based on the popular horror story, which has just appeared on Netflix. A live TV series with real actors who will be reproducing the events of the Capcom franchise will also be released soon.

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