Nadal, very grateful to Tennis Australia

Raphael Nadal He accomplished everything that could be seen as immediate goals for the time being: victory, a good sense of tennis, a good time with the crowd and a perfect physical level so that he wouldn’t suffer injuries or suffer too much from a small shot. After triumphing over Dominic TimSeen somewhat rustier and disconnected, No.2 appeared globally in front of the event microphones so grateful for the opportunity to play and, above all, to do so in front of a private audience like the Australian.

Rafa wanted to congratulate Australia for controlling the epidemic, which, for weeks, had allowed similar events to take place. “It was a very difficult year for everyone, for us in Spain, it hit us hard. We are still in a very difficult situation, and I think Australia is doing things very well, so congratulations to the country for getting the epidemic under control.”

Regarding his personal situation, he especially thanked Tennis Australia for his ability to play in front of so many fans, and he was always very warm with the Balearic Islands. “The past two weeks have been good, even if they’re in quarantine, but it’s one of the things we have to do so thank you so much to Tennis Australia for making these things possible. It’s amazing that you’re playing in Adelaide and at the forefront of all these people. I hope you will.” I’m ready to be able to win again in Australia, I won here in 2009 and tried many times, I hope I’m ready to win. “

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The key to a long life

Finally, Rafa is asked about its validity, and he is already 34 years old, something he previously appreciated, with a key to Enica for everyone. “I still have this passion for tennis, I still enjoy it. I’m so happy to enjoy every moment, and I’m competing in front of an audience like this, with the fans on the field. We were looking for moments like this.”

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