Surprise in Finland: cross-country skier Hennig takes third place | free press

RUKA (dpa) – German cross-country skier Katharina Hennig caused a surprise in Ruka, Finland.

Over ten kilometers in classic mode, 25-year-old Oberoisenthaler took third place and only had to admit defeat to Frida Karlsson (Sweden) and Therese Gohoge (Norway). Hennig was just under 1.5 seconds off her preferred discipline on Johaug, who was very dominant over the long distances. Her colleague Victoria Karl came in 11th place.

“IM so happy. The sleds were just great, and I had real rockets under my feet. “But I didn’t expect that in my life,” Hennig, who fell to the ground exhausted after crossing the goal, later said on ZDF. Hennig explained that she was coping with the cold “very well” at subzero temperatures in Ruka. “No one in the team expected that,” said national coach Peter Schlekenrieder.

Previously, Iivo Niskanen won the 15-kilometer race in classic style among men. The best German was Jonas Doppler, who achieved half of the Olympic level for Beijing in 15th place.

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