Munich-Sendling – devoid of space and time / How do we deal with animals?

Sendlinger Kulturschmiede (Daiserstr. 22) is showing the audiovisual show “The Flying Rhino” with drawings by Kristen Roman and sound design by Wenke Kleine-Benne until March 25th.

Kerstin Rühmann’s artistic practice includes various mediums such as graphic, video and audio. Since childhood she has been intensely involved with animals and wondering how we dealt with them. The endangering and extinction of many species through our interference in natural habitats plays a major role in their functioning. Painted naturally, it appears to float empty of space and time. Inspired by Sergey Prokofgio’s “Peter and the Wolf”, I worked with sound designer Wenke Kleine-Benne from Berlin on this exhibition and set each graphic to its own atmospheric sound level. Growing up in Sendling, Kerstin now travels with her husband between Los Angeles and Munich. She held her first solo exhibition in Los Angeles in the spring of 2019.

You are welcome to come to the Kulturschmiede alone or in pairs to attend a specially booked exhibition, subject to regular hygiene requirements (appointments are at [email protected]).

Kulturschmiede is closed for public events until further notice. The “sendling – à posto” exhibition is expected to run on April 29, and is Sendling’s selection from the traveling exhibition “50 Years of Munich Forum,” dedicated to Ernst Dale.

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