Movilnet begins to revitalize its recharge system on different platforms

recharging system

After more than a week of failures, on Thursday, Movilnet began reactivating the recharge system through various platforms.

Users in Social media They indicated that they can now recharge their phone numbers through the Bank of Venezuela and in other banking entities in the country.

You can also recharge through the Patria system. Users of this platform can send credit to their phones using the funds available in their wallets.

On Twitter, they noted that other platforms such as DanlinPago, Ready Payment, Quick Balance, Bantecom, Conatar, Biyuyo, Vippo, Turicoin and North Payment are also active.

Movilnet reported several days ago that it was experiencing a recharge system failure due to a technical issue and that they were working on improving the service.

While they were looking for solutions, the state phone company launched the calls to ensure connectivity for all of its users.

The company allows recharge of 1 million bolivars in financial institutions and on its website.

So far this year, Movilnet’s recharge platform has delivered at least six failures.

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