Microsoft 365 tricks will make your work much easier

Versatility is perhaps the most accurate word to describe this software package. It is closely related to a wide range of fields – from education, commerce and management to creative activities, statistics, communications and many more. However, many people take advantage of only a small part of the capabilities that the M365 offers, and even everyday applications can provide surprises, he says.TeliaComputer expert Simonas Tilindis.

Word can do so much more

When working with a text editor in Word, you sometimes have to repeat the same steps, but it is faster and easier to do this with the F4 key at the top of the keyboard, which automatically repeats the last action you took. For example, if you need to highlight, underline and change the color of individual words, select the first word, right-click, select “Font” and make the appropriate settings. Then, after selecting the next word, all you have to do is press F4 and all the preset settings will be applied to it. You can repeat this as many times as you like. By the way, this feature also works in PowerPoint and Excel.

Another useful and less frequently used feature is Format Cleanup. If you frequently use text copied from somewhere else (such as the web, email, or another Word document), pasting it will transfer all formatting. To avoid wasting time changing the font size, type, color, line spacing, and other settings, the Clear All Formatting button can do it for you – look for the letter A with a purple eraser in the top right of the Font section of the main page list.

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By the way, Word can not only write and process text, but also hear it read. You want to try? Select View in the menu bar, then All-Scanner and click Read Aloud in the newly opened menu. It is true that this feature only works with English texts. But if you want to have fun, you can ask the bot to read the Lithuanian article as well.

Work more efficiently with Excel

Another unexpected program is Excel. “This is probably the M365 software that has the most features and capabilities — from a wide range of formulas to data sorting, analysis, display, etc.,” says S.

For example, if you are creating a text table in Excel, move a word or sentence to another row if necessary, but in the same cell, do not rush to adjust the cell size – just press the Alt and Enter keys on the keyboard and the text will move to the row the new.

Do you prepare often? Try this: if you need to quickly find the sum of several cells, just select them by holding down the Ctrl key on the keyboard, and you will immediately see the sum in the status bar at the bottom right of the Excel window.

If you work with large spreadsheets filled with complex formulas, it can be difficult to separate them and understand the purpose of each. The names given to specific formulas or data will help you not get lost: check the box or boxes you want to name, then select “Forms” and “Select Name” in the menu bar. You’ll see the name up front at the top left of the spreadsheet, next to the formula itself.

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Effective future tricks

Email is often synonymous with the same job: it starts the day, it lasts, it ends, and it ends. And if Excel is full of features and capabilities, then Outlook can be called the M365 utility with the widest range of settings.

If you want to teach Outlook to work as you see fit, you may want to explore the Rules section. In Outlook, click File and select Manage Rules and Alerts. Here you can create and customize a variety of settings, for example, to display pop-up messages only when you receive an email. Email from specific senders, emails with specific keywords will be automatically moved to the default folder. These are just a few examples.

the. Do you often get work assignments in the mail? You can add them directly to your task list: left-click and drag the letter to the Tasks section (it is in the lower left corner of the application, an icon with a notepad and a check mark). You will then be able to set a deadline for the task or simply save the task without any deadline.

Working in a team is a great way to learn about your colleagues’ agendas, thanks to Outlook’s calendar sharing feature. You can find it by selecting “Share calendar” in the main menu bar of the Outlook calendar. Adding the contacts you want will send them a notification about the calendar sharing being activated, making it easier to schedule appointments and tasks from now on.

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