AI assistant “esc avatar” is out for business… Webcash announces itself as an AI service company

A virtual assistant appeared at work asking questions about sales, company account balance, receivables, and whether or not tax invoices are issued with a voice and listening to the answers in real time.

The Webcash Group (CEO Seok Chang-gyu) announced on the 29th day the launch of “Ask avatar”, an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant for business, along with KT (CEO Koo Koo).

Escavatar is a professional AI voice assistant for work that requires massive amounts of data beyond the Amazon or Google service level to help in everyday life.

With the launch of this service, Webcash plans to develop and deliver end-to-end business-to-business AI services by connecting affiliate services such as Kucon, Bizplay, and Flow based on AI. With this, the Webcash Group has officially transitioned into an artificial intelligence services company for business.

Escafata stands for “Voice Artificial Intelligence Assistant for Working People”. AI assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Electronics Bixby, KT GiGA Genie and SKT Nougat are AI assistants that help in everyday life. This AI finds the definition of sales in an encyclopedia or Google searches for the question “How much are sales?”

Wansu Yoon, Vice Chairman of Webcash Group

In turn, Escavatar can ask questions and get answers in 10 business areas, including banking, sales, purchasing, tax invoices, cash receipt, company card, credit card, tax, customer, online sales, and accounting. It is possible to answer questions about banking, administration, finance and taxes by voice.

As the percentage of sales related to delivery apps like Baedal Minjok, Yogiyo and Coupang Eats has increased, related categories were also added at the time of launch.

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We plan to gradually add Webcash Group’s B2B services, such as Accounting Nara, Trim Book and Beeple Expense Management. It is a strategy to continually expand the accountable area through partnerships such as KT Commercial District Analytics and the Korea Simple Payment Promotion Agency Zero Pay.

Common features are constantly being added. It is possible to make an audio briefing, make phone calls, send messages, pick up, etc., and functions such as memos and schedules are set up.

Vice Chairman Yun Wan-soo, who leads the AI ​​project for Webcash Group, said, “Artificial intelligence is a huge new business continent that transcends the internet and intelligence.

He explained, “The core of AI is the voice interface.

The Escavatar User Experience (UX) is the microphone button for the smartphone app. Whereas the day-to-day framework was a way to find a desired task from a given list, the voice recognition interface does not provide any guidance at first and relies on user ideas. To avoid this weakness, Webcash had to define a category and initially ask specific questions.

“Devices that use hands such as keyboards, mice and keyboards will gradually transition to sound and become auxiliary tools such as pencils,” he emphasized.

KT is responsible for technologies such as voice recognition and the Escavatar interface. The web cache is responsible for collecting and processing company data.

“We have shared values ​​and created synergies with WebCache in many areas,” said Choi Jun Jie, Head of AI/Big Data Business at KT. “We focused on creating synergies that enhance the value of B2B customers by combining and empowering different WebCache services with AI.”

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Director Choi Jun Jie said, “KT AI One team is making giant AI models, the goal is to move away from simple speech and speech recognition, speak more like a human, and understand more complex words to deliver complex knowledge. When complete, we will combine it with Webkisi and deliver it to B2B clients .”

Vice Chairman Yoon Wan-soo said that he would achieve two things through Escavatar. Everyone working will get their own AI assistant, and all of the Webcash Group’s current business will turn to AI.

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“The Escavatar category will be created by first registering Webcash Group services and working with a company specializing in a specific area in the future. All of them are Escavatar’s 10,000 potential customers,” said Vice Chairman Yoon Wan-soo.

‘Escavatar’ can be installed and used through the App Store or Play Store.

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