Michael Flynn: Trump’s pardon disgraced his former aide

“It is a great honor for me to announce that General Michael T. Flynn has been granted a complete pardon,” the president wrote on Twitter.

“Congratulations to GenFlynn and his wonderful family, I know you will now have a really great Thanksgiving!” He completed.

Trump fired General Flynn in 2017, just 24 days into his presidency, for lying to Vice President Mike Pence and the FBI about his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

Flynn, Trump’s first national security adviser, has twice pleaded guilty to charges of lying to federal investigators. This also included lying about unlawful lobbying in favor of the government of Turkey.

Many of the Trump administration’s problems can be traced back to Flynn, as his dismissal led to demands from President James Comey not to stand trial, which led to his dismissal, and the appointment of Robert Mueller.

Trump has talked about pardoning Flynn before. In March he said he was thinking about it hard.

While the president insists publicly that the elections are not over yet and that the elections he really won – and this afternoon he spent ten minutes denouncing voter fraud over the phone at a Republican Party hearing in Pennsylvania – that’s probably a sign that he realizes the days in the White House. Are numbered.

Sources told ABC News that this could be the start of a pattern over the next few weeks.

That means he will continue to gain attention in the final days of his presidency – and a final load of pardon is out of the question.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler issued a statement: “This pardon is undeserved, unprincipled, and another blot on President Trump’s rapidly shrinking legacy.”

Representative Adam Schiff commented, “It’s no surprise that Trump comes out exactly the way he came – twisted to the end.”

Nadler adds that it is important to talk about why the president pardoned Mr. Flynn.

President Trump commented on the pardon to encourage Flynn to backtrack on his pledge to collaborate with federal investigators – a cooperation that may have exposed the president’s mistakes. “It worked,” said Mr. Nadler.

“This pardon is part of a pattern. We’ve seen it before, in the Roger Stone case … We might see it again before President Trump finally leaves office.”

The news also comes just a day after the president shared the annual tradition of pardoning turkeys in the White House.

At that event, a reporter shouted if Trump would pardon himself before he left office. The president did not respond and withdrew to the Executive Palace.

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