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employment ChihuahuaThe program was launched by state and federal authorities.Pisano heroesIn order to serve the thousands of Mexicans residing in United State, who will travel to our country during the end of the year holidays.

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Louisa and her family, Travel over 10 hours from Phoenix, Arizona to arrive in Ciudad Juárez and perform temporary import procedures for their vehicle, where they will travel to Parral, Chihuahua.

“Well, so much happiness, excitement, and joy, seeing my family, seeing my children, and being with them,” said Arizona resident Louisa Morvin.

We haven’t had any problems yet, we still need to get to Parral, but well, we’ve been treated really well here too,” said Hector, Luisa’s husband.

According to the authorities, Most citizens already enter Mexico with the necessary documents. They process it from the US through the Mexican government’s digital platforms and this avoids long hours of waiting.

“The countrymen will accompany, we suggest that it will be the type of caravan and that there are many platforms, whether in the Minister of Foreign Relations or the National Institute of Migration or the consulates themselves, all this has been reported in the United States and indeed the majority of them,” said Juan Carlos Loera, delegate of the federal government. Most of the country’s men and women when they enter the region have already settled most of their procedures.”

Pedro traveled from Roswell, New Mexico, to reunite with his family he hadn’t seen in four years. He says the procedures were simple and in a very short time.

“I’m going to Parral, Chihuahua. Not well, good, very soft, they treated me very well, I haven’t gone in about four years and I’m going to turn around…” said Pedro Hernandez, a New Mexico resident.

In addition, in order to provide greater security for visitors, A monitoring operation has been announced on various state highways.

“Caring for the compatriots from the moment they enter or enter Mexico and especially the state and from there escorting all the authorities, is the interesting thing, we are a coordinated immigration and it is she who has always coordinated the Paisano process” says Gilberto Loya, Minister of Public Security of the State.

The authorities stressed that all citizens who enter Mexico in their vehicles and issue a temporary import permit must cancel it upon their return to the United States.

It is estimated that they will enter Mexico at least in the next few days 50 thousand citizens for the State of Chihuahua.

With information from Francisco Javier Carmona


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