Mexican statue of Donald Trump gilded with flip-flops causing a sensation in Florida

The golden figure of the former US president, Donald TrumpMade in Rosarito, Baja California, it attracted attention at the largest Republican conference in the United States dominated by Trumpian ideas since its inception, this Friday in Orlando (Florida).

In shorts and sandals, the new CPAC star, made from fiberglass in Mexico by American artist Tommy Zegan, looks like the Republican should walk through his Mar-a-Lago de Palm Club Beach.

Always in summer Florida, Trump took refuge after losing last November’s election to Democrat Joe Biden.

The golden “carving” of the Republican holding the United States Constitution in his right hand is just another reliable evidence of the former president’s authority in a Republican forum dominated by Trumpism, to the point that Donald Trump Jr. He even suggested this Friday to change its name from C-PAC to T-PAC.

With conservatives fond of Trump and the absence of his critics, including the senator Mitt RomneyWho was a candidate for the Republican Party in 2012 when he was a Democrat Barack Obama After his re-election, the forum was a parade of papers pertaining to Trump’s grievances and policies.

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Photo: AP

At the three-day conference, at which the idea that the 2020 elections was stolen by Democrats, persisted, the golden 6-foot-tall Trump, although he looks shorter than the real one, was the star of the selfies of his followers.

It will be until tomorrow, Sunday, when the real Trump closes CPAC 2021, as it will be his first public speech after the end of his term on January 20 in which he criticizes the policies of Democrat Joe Biden, who has retracted, expected many of its guidelines, especially those referring to immigration. .

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Trump’s party

The statue, which has been installed on the stand of the conservative nonprofit organization Look Ahead America, appears to reinforce the idea of ​​its political ally, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who opened the convention Friday with a call for the “Republicans of the Past” to be removed. “

The golden Trump resembles his counterpart, the famous “Baby Trump” balloon that flew over several cities during his presidency (2017-2021), in reference to his constant outbursts of anger.

Trump: AP

In addition to a clear display of idolatry, the statue is for political analysts a perfect metaphor for the state of the Republican Party and the conservatives in
The United States after the Trump presidency, which abandoned its political principles and embraces a figure surrounded by scandals and investigations.

His political allies, including Ted Cruz, one of the 43 Republican senators who acquitted him last February in his second impeachment trial, in which he was accused of inciting Trump to attack the Capitol building on January 6, but they see it as the future of the party.

“Donald Trump is not going anywhere,” Cruz said in his speech Friday in Orlando.

“Libertad” shouted at the end of his speech Cruz, who appears as one of the potential candidates for the 2024 Republican primary, alongside fellow Hispanic Senator Marco Rubio.

Rubio, another speaker at the conference, said on his Twitter site on Saturday that due to an “unexpected family matter” he would not be able to attend the conference.
Several members of the Trump government and some collaborators with him are also on the agenda, including Mike Pompeo, former Secretary of State, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders, a former White House press secretary.

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Photo: AP

Presentations during the first two days of the conservative forum were consistent with Trump’s policies and his conspiracy theories, such as the absence of electoral fraud.

They also echoed complaints about the big technology that vetoed him to incite Trumpians to storm the Capitol, leaving five people dead.
The conference also strengthened the Republican criticism of the “radical” ideals of socialism and the left.

“Socialism in California, the Promise of Heaven, and Hell” is today’s speech by Devin Nunes, Republican Congressman for that state.
Congressman Jodi Hayes complained at CPAC 2021 on Saturday that “Biden is already imposing a radical agenda in the United States with his multiple executive orders.”


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