Brumby thrashed and shared the top with the Reds

In the The second round of Australian Super Rugby, the Reds beat the Rebels 23-21 In an attempt, with three minutes remaining, Alex Maffei signed. At the other meeting Brumbies no se apiadó de Waratahs And it gave him a 61-10 tough in Canberra. Cyan also lost by a large margin to the Reds on the first date.

Brumby 61-10 Warata (Sapado)
The Australian champion spared no effort and scored a victory over the little-known side Sydney who never raised his head in the tournament. The win included 9 attempts by Mackenzie Hansen Bhatrick, and the rest of the conquests came by Rob Vallettini, Mackenzie Hansen (3), Noah Lulicio, Nick White, Laclan Lonergan, Tom Banks and Kunal McKinerney. Noah Lawlessio and Ryan Lonergan were responsible for the transformation operations. The first hit 5 and the second hit three. For the visitors, Harry Johnson Homes scored the only attempt and Will Harrison converted a transfer and a penalty kick.

REDS 23-21 REBELS (viernes)
The Reds won in the final minutes against the rebels, who lost both matches. In the first period there was a cataract from penalties and going to rest 12-6 in favor of the visiting team. however, The man of the match was Alex Mavi That gave not only victory to the locals, but thatHe scored two attempts and was the match attempt. The team led by Liam Wright was always on the scoreboard until the five-meter line was the perfect place for first row to avoid two interventions to get a smile from the Reds and give it up Second successive victory and top spot in the Australian Super Rugby Table.

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