Mexican fans surprise Chivas youth team with a club in Australia (video)

It is not uncommon for Mexican fans to invade any sporting event (especially soccer) the stadiums and venues where matches are held. Faced with such a situation, Aztec fans take advantage of this They get together and use sports as an excuse To celebrate as only the national fanatic knows, which can be noticed in recent days thanks to a match involving a youth team Chivas.

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Character in turn Ulysses Davila, 31-year-old attacking midfielder with experience in Mexico Chivas and SantosAs well as other teams from the old continent such as Tenerife and Chelsea, Straight. The Mexican now plays in the Australian Football League with a Wellington, An institution he arrived at in July 2019 from soccer in India.

The Former football player at Chivas He played a league match a few days ago and was surprised to see a small invasion of more than 60 Mexicans who agreed to support the player through their cell phones and later became a trend thanks to the user posting ‘FixoWho developed prof The thread in which he narrated the living experience.

“We met through social networks with more Mexicans who loved football and we all missed going to a match. So we decided to go to this game where there is a Mexican player (…) Australian fans did not understand what was happening; security quickly surrounded us and started asking Questions to us. But once the Australians understood what was going on, they joined in“, Refers to the thread mentioned above.

Unfortunately for Chivas’ youth team, the duel is between Sydney and Wellington It ended the match 2–1 in favor of the locals, which resulted in the club dropping to the penultimate position of the public table. However, the support received was satisfactory Sensations in Ulysses DavilaWho celebrated the above with a beautiful goal in the 93rd minute.

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