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2021 Lausanne Prize jury, the only ones who meet in person in Switzerland

The legendary Prix de Lausanne is being held remotely for the first time in its history, with the public accessing some broadcasting activities.

However, the jury is in person in Lausanne and until its completion (6 February), they will be responsible for following the candidates online to make the final selection, and the winning candidates receive scholarships, contracts and internships at the most prestigious ballet institutions in the world. Among the teachers (coach / testers) is Argentine again Cynthia Labaron.

“Prix the Lausanne 🙂 Great day out! See you tomorrow, “wrote Cynthia Labaron on her social networks

The broadcast schedule is 7 hours per day, allowing you to watch teacher classes in the morning and interview members of the jury and interns in the afternoon.

Richard Whirlock (Director and Choreographer of Basel Ballet) chairs the “video release” jury, consisting of Claire Marie Aosta (Head of the Ballet Department of the Royal School of Swedish Ballet and Etoile Ballet Opera Paris), Armando Braswell (Director of the Brasuel Art Center – Prix de Lausanne 2020) , Kinsun Chan (director of the Teatro Saint Gallen in Tanzania), Myrna Camara (former director of the Miami City Ballet and former New York dancer, director and dancer of balletXtreme), Nicholas Le Ricci (director of the Royal Swedish Ballet and star of the Paris Opera Ballet), Ihsan Rustam (NW dance project And former dancer at the Munich Ballet Theater), Sarawanee Tanatanit (HOSTBKK Arts Center – Prix de Lausanne 2001) and Samuel Wuersten (Director of the Dutch Dance Festival and BA / MA Dance Program at Zurich University of the Arts).

Every year since 2017, the Swiss organization has been honoring a dancer or choreographer for her career. In 2021, the winner is Britain’s Wayne McGregor, “an artist with a versatile vision, established himself in the artistic and academic community”, and will receive the award on February 6th.

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The videos transferred will remain online for one year and can be viewed at:

This year, an Argentine is competing in the Latin America shortlist:

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