Meta (formerly Facebook) under attack: Max wave phishing also includes Instagram

Palmita ends up in the midst of an extreme wave of phishing attacks targeting two of the major social networks that the platform controls

Meta ends in the middle of a new phishing campaign (AdobeStock)

(Some) users rejected in my last survey Yahoo Finance. The latter part of the year seems rather turbulent dead, the US team formerly known as Facebook. through a official job, it appears that two of the major social networks have been merged into Mark Zuckerberg’s company (specifically, Facebook social networking site e InstagramShe had to deal with a huge wave of Phishing attacks.

Numbers on hand, hackers would have created them well 39 thousand sites which replicated in all respects the two social platforms, with the very clear aim of deceiving users (especially users of the two social networks) and stealing their key personal data. Self Facebook social networking site e Instagram They were the two most cloned sites, yet there was no shortage of phishing attacks on the account The WhatsApp e Facebook Messenger.

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Fake web pages to steal Facebook and Instagram login data

Definition of a phishing campaign
The phishing campaign also targeted WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and other “gems” from the Meta universe (Unsplash)

As Meta explained, the American company resorted to a court in California to stop the campaign of cybercriminals against the social networks of Mark Zuckerberg’s team. The campaign that included Create fake login pages And the “obvious” reading of the login information (email and password) of users, which was then exploited by the attackers to gain access to the sensitive data of the targeted people.

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In this case, the cybercriminals used a “hairdresser” service to redirect Internet traffic to fake websites, thus masking the true location of those pages and the identity of the hosting providers.

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phenomenon Phishing attacks Unfortunately it is on the agenda and the second Some predictions of security researchers, will continue to be kept over the next year in addition to the spread of ransom campaigns and theft of sensitive data belonging to celebrities.

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