Mayhem on Dobel on Boxing Day: People flock to the snow-covered spa area

Pforzheim / Inzckers / Kalou County. The people clearly did not follow the government’s call that everyone should stay home at Christmas and celebrate in small groups only. On Boxing Day, there was an emergency at some of the area’s trekking destinations and many were drawn to the ice. It was especially full on Dobel.

While the rush on Sommerberg in Bad Wildbad was limited on a Saturday afternoon, there was much to offer a few kilometers in Dobel. Especially when approaching via Neuenbürg-Dennach around 3 p.m. It was difficult to move forward and there was a traffic jam.


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“It was pure mess,” said Harald Porvitz, a municipal law enforcement officer, describing the events in Doble. “I have never seen anything like this.” Due to complete congestion at Dobel, the chaos turned towards Dennach. Many families use the hills around the cemetery to ski. Traffic through the village was barely possible due to the parking on both sides.

In the afternoon, Pforzheim Police Headquarters has already issued a notification about conditions at the spa. Trekking destinations in the Black Forest, and especially in the Dobel region, are particularly popular at the moment: “We therefore appeal to avoid gatherings at tour destinations. The current contact and exit restrictions must be taken into account in order to further contain the spread of the Coronavirus.”

Things were quieter in Mulbronn Abbey and in the Kelterere vineyards. The few hikers enjoyed the quiet of Christmas and the sunny hours.

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As the police said in their New Year’s Eve message: “We are already indicating that it is forbidden to burn fireworks in public places.” Monitoring and control measures will continue in the coming days, and violations will be punished continuously.

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