Announcing the comedy sequel on Netflix

eSX Entertainment Advertise processing Sequel to Natale, California, A romantic comedy from Netflix. Will be called the sequelCalifornia Christmas: City LightsProduction is expected to begin in the next few months in various parts of California, including Petaluma, Sonoma County and surrounding areas. The movie was a huge success on the catwalk, beating the movie starring Meryl Streep in the ranking The prom And other classics like Greenwich. Natale, California It was released on December 14 on the Netflix platform and ranked # 1 in the top 10 on the site for a week, and has remained at the top ever since. Main actors Lauren and Josh Swickard will be returning for chapter two. The two are married in real life; They met in 2017, in a romantic comedy Rope.

Announcing a sequel to Christmas in California

The movie tells the story of Joseph (Josh Swickard), the cocky and naive son of a wealthy real estate developer. His mother, tired of seeing him waste his life, decided to send him to Napa Valley, an important region in California where fine wines are produced. He has to convince Cassie (Lauren Swickard) to sell the farm and its properties before Christmas. The guy goes there and mistakes him as the new farm worker, and he takes advantage of this misunderstanding and tries to finish the deal. But the story will take a turn in a romantic direction, and the protagonist will have to choose whether to follow his heart or his parents’ will.

This is a summary of the first movie, which has been on Netflix for two weeks. We know little about the sequel’s plot Natale, California. Rumors suggest Cassie will have to adapt to a new worldly lifestyle as her relationship with Joseph progresses. It’s hard to imagine when Chapter Two will arrive on the streaming platform, even if it is easy to believe Netflix will try to distribute it at Christmas 2021.

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