marvel! Facebook will create a “Metaverse” that will change the world

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It may sound like a Marvel Universe movie, but it’s totally true. Facebook plans to hire 10,000 people The next five years in the European Union to work on Development of “Metaverse”, The parallel digital world Which constitutes the most ambitious project of Mark ZuckerbergFounder and President of the American social media giant.

No details were given about the countries in which the jobs would be placed, nor about their characteristics, but what was emphasized in the statement was: “The need for Engineers with a high degree of specialization It is one of the most urgent matters Priorities Facebook social networking site“.

What is the Facebook Metaverse?

The metaverso It’s kind of Digital multiplication of the physical world, can be accessed online. Thanks, especially to virtual and augmented reality, this will allow The multiplication of human interactionsand free them from physical restrictions online.

for example, It will be allowed to dance in a disco with people thousands of miles away at the moment, as well as buying or selling digital goods or services, many of which have yet to be invented.

“The basic quality of metaverso Being and feeling really meeting people would be Zuckerberg On his Facebook profile last July.

This ad is for Facebook social networking site It takes place in the context of tension for the California-based group, which needs to restore its image, as it is often accused of ignoring the negative social impacts of its activities.

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The latest rocket fell in early October by Frances Hogan, a former Facebook employee, who denounced the company’s accusation that it pressured teens to use its platforms more and more, creating addiction.

Facebook social networking site He is indeed one of the great world leaders when it comes to Virtual RealityWith your headphones skylight, from the company of the same name, was acquired for $2 billion in 2014.

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