Male teachers should not teach girls to read .. Banning co-education in Afghanistan

Kabul: The Taliban’s words that they would respect women’s rights turned into bags of water. The Taliban had previously banned co-education in universities in Herat Province. The right was passed that men should not teach girls. “We will allow men to teach girls their education,” said Afghan Minister of Higher Education Sheikh Abdul Baqi Haqqani. The abolition of co-educational education was announced. Haqqani suggested that the activities of educational institutions continue in accordance with the provisions of Islamic law.

Haqqani addresses a gathering in Kabul. Haqqani made the decision the day after he was appointed Minister of Higher Education. The Taliban are trying to develop the education system in Afghanistan, and the people and teachers need reassurance. Haqqani has been critical of the education system so far. He said he violated Sharia law, and now he will not allow such games. People and teachers are worried about the Taliban’s latest decision. There is a feeling that this decision will isolate girls from education due to a lack of human resources.

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