Magic: The Gathering, Jeff Klein will replace the Russo brothers in the Netflix series

Computer animation adaptation of Magic: The Gathering Netflix will have a new creative team led by the executive producer Jeff Klein (Transformers startthat you find Who knows netflix). The animation project was originally announced in 2019 and will be led by Joe and Anthony Russo.

Magic: The Gathering, from the Rousseau brothers abandoned a Jeff Klein

Magic: The Gathering - Getting Started

According to sources, final date, the Russians and their team, including screenwriters Henry Gilroy and Jose Molina, set out early in the process with different visions of how IP could best fit. The split was amicable, and Netflix was later contacted Jeff Klein To supervise the creation of A whole new plot For Planeswalkers, the only heroes and villains in Charm Able to use magic.

The Klein team includes co-executive producer and story editor Steve Melching (Star Wars: Clone Wars), assistant director Udo Baden, artistic director Izzy Medrano, and screenwriters Nicole Dubuque, Russell Somer, Dan Fry and Tanika Stots. The Russo brothers took part in the move and also met Jeff Klein, who expressed his gratitude to the Rousseau brothers for introducing him to the world Magic: The Gathering.

Magic: The Gathering - Getting Started

for TV adaptation Charm, Netflix partnered in 2019 with game and game maker Hasbro, and Wizards of the Coast, the Seattle-based company that publishes both Charm who – which Dungeons & Dragons. Hasbro, which has owned the Wizards of the West Coast since 1999, has acquired independent studio Entertainment One, which will produce the series.

eOne, Wizards of the Coast and Netflix said in a joint statement the following:

Although the Russo brothers are no longer a part of the animated series, their passion for the game, along with their creative perspective and input, helped us shape the project in a way we believe for fans of the game and new fans of the game. The Gathering Universe will enjoy the series and discover what millions of fans around the world have known for 25 years.

The animation will be performed by Snowball Studios, which will then replace the originally announced Bardel Studio. If you are a fan of Magic: The Gathering and are looking for themed card sets and collectibles, check out This rich page on Amazon for your purchases!

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