Live broadcast Spain – Switzerland with the best company: Carousel and Biwenger!

3 games. This is the distance that separates us from the glory of being able to declare ourselves Europe champions. Spain made us suffer against Croatia, yes, but above all He made us enjoy his game and each of his five goals. On Friday we play our way to the semi-finals against a team that has already put us in serious trouble in the past, like Switzerland, so we must not calm down.This Friday again everyone is with SpainThis Friday we have a new one Euro Biwenger Carousel Challenge!

All forecasts indicated Spain – France, But Switzerland Seferovic and Shaqiri Wambolo, among other things, achieved achievement 3-1 . Tracking Malware To eliminate the current champions of the world cup and face our heroes. Luis Enrique’s children They scored 10 goals in the last two matches, leaving better and better feelings and making us firmly believe that the dream of being the champions of this Euro can come true.This Friday from 6:00 pm. Spain needs our support to reach the semi-finals, We will not fail!

Euro Biwenger Ring Challenge It is a great fantasy game without limits for participants consisting only of the match Spain and Switzerland in the quarter-final match, be able Save your squad Until Friday, July 2 at 6:00 PM

This means that You can only use players from these two teams To configure your lineup, With a budget of 350 million. You will have a choice The captain and additional formations if you want. The recording system will be a system sports carousel, with Danny Garrido in charge of giving ratings from 0 to 10.

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What is more, Top 5 coaches who will win the Biwenger League To be able to use next season.

come in now And remember to prepare your squad no later than the time the game starts. You can find all the information On the legal grounds for appeal.

he lives Spain national football team matches And the entire Eurocup with the best company: Carousel and Biwenger.

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