Queen Elizabeth II and Angela Merkel meet in the UK on Friday

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The Queen Elizabeth II receives German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who will visit the United Kingdom, on the occasion of the famous meeting of both of them on Friday at Windsor Castle, located about 40 kilometers from London, in England, this was confirmed by Buckingham Palace today.

The royal house said in a statement that the meeting between the British Queen and the German head of government, who must leave office after the legislative elections in her country in September, will take place this afternoon.

The two women did meet each other in mid-June at the G7 leaders summit held in Carbis Bay in southwest England.

Merkel too He will meet on the same day with the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, who will receive you at Checkers, the country residence of the Heads of Government of the Territory, located northwest of London.

Among the topics of discussion is the COVID-19 pandemic, which continues to affect Europe and sparked the focus of concern about the delta variant of the coronavirus.

The German chancellor is pressing for the 27 countries in the European Union to impose a Quarantine for travelers from the UK To prevent delta variable import to mainland.


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